Importation awareness

United Arab Emirate is one of the cheapest countries to import vehicles, Importation duty is just 5%. And process of getting your vehicle registered is as easy as 1,2,3… Individuals can import a car that must be not less than 10 years old, for cars older than 10 years will have to check with Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) before shipping.

Listed documents below are the necessary documents you will need to get your vehicle from port:

  • Original invoice of your vehicle to prove ownership and value
  • Certificate of Origin to prove where the vehicle was made
  • Your original passport, driving license and visa (copies as well)
  • Original shipping receipt
  • Cash or cheque to pay custom fees
  • Bill of lading (BL)

Once your vehicle arrived UAE, the next step is to get your vehicle tested and then move to registering your car and you will be all set to enjoy your new vehicle.