Export used car to Ethiopia via ECE Motors

export used car from usa

We all at ECE Motors say thanks to all our customers in Ethiopia who have been buying vehicles from us. We appreciate the trust and your patronage as your patronage brings success to our business.

Exporting/Shipping vehicle to African country has never been the easy one, from purchase to safe delivery. ECE Motors is auto dealership that is licensed to export new and used vehicles from USA to any where in the world.

We have been on the export business since 1998. Being in the business for so long gives us many experiences that help us handle car exportation successfully. Our steps of purchasing is very easy, from surfing for the right car on our website down to the delivery to the destination port.

Our vehicles are shipped with a trusted freight companies that give us rest of mind that the vehicle will be delivered just as it was sold without any scratches or damages. Also, we operate with trusted shipping insurance companies that take care of any loss in case of accident.

Are you thinking of exporting a car or cars to Ethiopia from most especially USA?

Then this information can be of help. To export to the Ethiopia, there are major things to consider first. These consideration will make the process go smoothly without any issues.

  • 1) Specifications of Car to Purchase
  • 2) Importation Duties
  • 3) Delivery Port (Djibouti)
  • 4) Land Transport Arrangement to Ethiopia Dry Port
  • 5) Budget
  • Specifications of Car to Purchase:

    The most important thing here is that the car must be a Left hand steering. Other specifications like Manufacture date and size of the engine (cc) can only help in calculating some importation taxes.

    Importation Duties/Taxes in Ethiopia

    Unless exempted by law, items imported into Ethiopia are subject to a number of taxes. Government levies five kinds of taxes on import items. These taxes are assigned priority levels and are calculated in a sequential order. These taxes, in their sequential order, are customs duty, excise tax, VAT, surtax and withholding tax.

    Taxes on imported goods are collected by the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs uthority (ERCA). These taxes provide considerable revenue to the government.
    According to the report issued July 2009 by Planning Directorate of ERCA, these taxes provided revenue of 11.8 billion Birr. For details information on taxes, please visit below Ethiopian government link


    Delivery Port (Djibouti)

    Ethiopia has a dry port that make the importers make use of their neighboring seaport from Somalia,Kenya,Sudan and Djibouti. At ECE Motors, all our vehicles are delivered to Djibouti port where local agent can handle its land transportation to one of the dry ports in Ethiopia.

    Land Transport Arrangement to Ethiopia Dry Port

    It is mostly recommended to make arrangement with a local transport agent who deals in transporting cars from Djibouti port to the dry port of Ethiopia. At ECE Motors, our vessels deliver to Djibouti port as a final destination and it is our customer’s responsibility to make final delivery to dry port in Ethiopia.


    The last one in our list is Budget, as it is very important to have enough fund to cover all the expenses of the new car you are importing. Once you gets into the import process, fund must be available to get your car from the destination port immediately it arrives. Otherwise, unwanted port charges like demurrage will comes in.

    Car Exportation steps with ECE Motors

    Surf through our used and new Inventories of vehicles, send us an email at sales@europeancarexporter.com with the choice of vehicle make, model and stock number from our website. Upon the receipt of these information, we will issue an invoice for the payment to be made through bank to bank transfer.

    Once the payment is confirmed, our sales department will start the paperwork immediately and then hand over the vehicle to one of our trusted freight companies. The vehicle is processed for exportation and loaded into the next available vessel that will deliver it to Djibouti port. The vehicle is delivered to the port safely, and it now the time to have a local agent make the final delivery to the one of the dry ports in Ethiopia.

    At ECE Motors,once the car is delivered, we expect our customers to rate us and leave us a feedback and of course look forward to the next deal 🙂 . If you have any questions or need additional information, please Contact Us Here