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How do i buy a car?

Search —> Quote/Invoice —-> Payment —> Shipment —> Delivery Confirmation —> Purchase Completed

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Car After Payment?

It does not take much time at all, Once the payment has been confirmed, what follows is the shipment. Your car will be shipped on the earliest available vessel. Usually, it takes 12 to 15 days when shipping to the outside country. For accuracy transit time to your country, please contact us

What are payment methods accepted by ECE Motors?

Because of high frequency of credit card fraud, we don’t accept payment by credit card. We only accept payment by wire transfer to our designated bank account from your bank. Apart from our US bank account, We have bank account in some countries for local bank transfer. Credit Card can still be used to make deposit for the car in case customer want us to hold a car for some days.

Can ECE reserve/hold a car for me?

Yes, we can reserve a car if you are willing to pay the required nonrefundable deposit fee (depends on how long to hold the car)for the car to be reserved and this deposit would be deducted from the total amount when you are ready to complete the deal.

What are other fees apart from the car price?

At our End, there are no hidden fees. All you need to pay is the car price, our dealer fee ($300) and the shipping cost for your car to be shipped to agreed destination port. All these information will be provided on the invoice.
But buyer need to be aware of duty taxes in his/her country as most countries are not duty-free therefore, some percentage fees have be paid to custom for the shipment to be released to the owner at destination port.
Please take note, these duty fees are not charged by us but by your government at your destination port and it is your responsibility to find out how much they will be when your vehicle arrives.

How Do i Know That The Car Am Purchasing Is In Good Condition?

All used cars we offer have been thoroughly checked by authorized specialist of the car brand and send us a report before posting the car for sale. Also, upon a request, we provide CARFAX report to a customer for them to see the report on the car they are purchasing. Note, CARFAX report only available for our American specs. vehicles, not available for Europe specs.

To protect our reputation, all used cars we offer are guarantee, no any kind of issues will be found on them but clean with clean title.

As An International Buyer, How do i test drive the car?

For international buyer, we can allow available friend or relative to come and test drive the vehicle on your behalf.  If this is not possible for you, don’t worry, all our vehicles are in good condition and we assure you will have no complaint when you received them.  At the same time, we can help with CARFAX report that provide all necessary information about the vehicle you are purchasing. Note, CARFAX report is not available for our Europe specs vehicles.

Please make appointment for the test drive by filling the form on the website.

Is it possible to return the car i purchased?

In some cases If the purchase can not be completed and the buyer need to return the car ( not more than one week of purchase), we can have the car picked up from the buyer but buyer will be responsible for the return shipping expenses. Also, the car must be in good condition as it was sold

How long Does it Takes To Receive My Refund in Case i Return The Car?

The refund will be issued as soon as we confirmed the return of the car and calculated the return shipping expenses that would be deducted from the total amount been  paid

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