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How To Buy

Steps of how to purchase car from us

At European Car Exporter(ECE MOTORS), Purchasing a car has been made easy no matter where you are buying from, buy in peace, we make sure your car get delivered without any hassles. We deliver worldwide and make sure your car get delivered safely with a free shipping insurance.

Enjoy free shipping insurance that guarantee safety of your shipment right from our location till your vehicle get delivered.

If you need more information, feel free to contact us. Our customer support team will be very happy to assist you.Remember, Your preferences matter to us!!

Step 1

Select A Car, Agree On Price & Details

Browse through our inventories to check if we have the car you are looking for. We have 2 type of inventories, Used and New .

Step 2

Pay & Share TT Copy

Once you found a car to purchase, you need to contact us for the invoice. And in order for us to issue invoice, we need some information from the consignee/buyer;

1) Full names of consignee/buyer as they appear on the identity
2) Address and Contact phone number of consignee in destination country
3) Proof of Identity ( Passport or national id card copy )

Make a payment according to the Invoice.
Share the bank TT (telegraphic transfer) copy within 48 hours since the invoice was issued.
Reconfirm Consignee (next owner) details, if necessary.

Step 3


We start paperwork for your vehicle, Bill of Sales/Purchase agreement, Certificate of Title, Odometer disclosure statement, Arbitration Agreement, Vehicle air pollution control statement, Shipping dock receipt, Bill of Lading with some other documents depending on the importation documents required in the destination country.

Step 4

Receive Shipment Details & BL

We will provide the shipment details in around 5 days from the money receipt confirmation. We need this time because we need to reserve a place for your car on a ship to your port.
We will send you the original BL by post (DHL/FedEx/ etc.) soon after the shipment leaves USA.

Step 5


All you need to do here is to visit destination port ( Port of Discharge ) with all the original vehicle documents you have received from us via DHL or Fedex to collect your vehicle.
We appreciate your delivery confirmation in order to mark your purchase as Completed on our system and also, your purchase experience with our company would be highly appreciated as we look forward to your future business.