Since 1998, ECE MOTORS has become one of the leading companies that export used and new vehicles around the globe. We hold varieties of automobile brands from Europe, Japan, America, Korea and South America in our used and new inventory.
We export American cars to Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, South America, and Antarctica, with the help of professional freight companies. Just same way we import European, Japanese, Korean and South American cars to USA for our American customers who love foreign specifications.
Our main target when dealing with either of our local or international customers is to deliver their vehicles safely. And feeling the breeze of their satisfaction is a something that gives us strength in this export and import business.

Our Leading Exporter Techniques

1) Grade 1 Used Cars being sold
2) Export Paperwork Experience
3) Easy and Safe Payment Method
4) Experienced Capable Freight Companies
5) Free Shipping Insurance
6) Affordable Shipping Cost
7) Complete Car and Export Documents for Clearing

First of all, when handling exportation to various location in the world, it is very important to have experience. Experience will take care of the mistakes that could result in total loss for both importer and exporter. ECE Motors export and import grade one vehicles that is worry-free for our customers and capable of doing what is meant to.

The payment methods for both local and international customers is very easy and safe to use as customers can track their transaction between our bank and theirs. And when it comes to paperwork, we have enough experiences to know what each countries required as for the documents to clear the imported car from the port.

Shipping affordability and safety, without an experienced capable freight company to work with, you will always end up with disappointment. Because of that, we make sure we use a capable freight company that export our cars safely and have them delivered to our customers with no damages or scratch. And we never shipped our cars without a shipping insurance that gives our customers rest of mind of getting their money back in case of any unforeseen circumstances.